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Apollo’s plants have the following capabilities:

Custom blending, Esterifications, Phosphations, Sulphations, Amidations, Phenolic condensations, Esterifications / Transesterifications, High-pressure emulsifications, Atmospheric  emulsifications, DCY- Formaldehyde condensations, High-pressure homogenization, Neutralizations, Glyoxal-Formaldehyde condensations, Liquid-size blending, Polyethylene emulsifications, High-viscosity high-shear mixing, Nylon Dye, Fixes (Phenolic / Formaldehyde), Carpet Stainblockers, Cationic Fixes, Aluminum Etches, Blanket Adhesives (PVOH)


Our R&D, Analytical, and Application lab areas allow us to perform a wide array of tests.  Some of our laboratory equipment includes:

Hydro Tester, Mathis JFO Jumbo Jet, Lab Scale Tenter Frame, L&M Sewability Tester, Ozone Fading Cabinet, Liquid Chromatography, and FT Infrared Spectroscopy with Spectral Libraries

by Dr. Radut